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2008年11月1日 星期六


The most embarrasing I've ever done in my life....

2008年10月31日 星期五

Eric Clapton

Such a beautiful yet sad song...


Mr. PUMPKIN 的真面目?

這是第一次刻南瓜, 感覺很新鮮:) 完成後便將它擺在窗邊, 面向外頭, 搭配上燭焰的效果, 十分有過節的氣氛 XD

2008年10月27日 星期一

She will be loved

I've been hearing this song wherever I went in Taiwan...
Maroon 5... He is amazing... His live performance is sooo good :)

2008年7月31日 星期四

Wish me LUCK!!

I love these Beijing Olympics Friendlies so much!! I just found out that each of them has different meanings, and when you say their names at the same time, it will become as Chinese version of "Beijing welcomes you" which is so amazing! I love the yellow one the most. Her name is Ying Ying :) Hope they are bringing me luck!!!

2008年7月28日 星期一

2008 Beijing Olympics

Finally here comes the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Everytime I see the report or the news of Beijing Olympics park, I feel so pround that I am a Chinese and I grew up with a strong Chinese background. I feel so pround of Chinese culture. When I first heard this commercial song "Beijing Welcomes You", I almost cried. I was so touched. Hope that the era of Chinese will come soon! :)

Here is the song "Beijing Welcomes YOU"

However, I can believe that there is no A-Mei in the vedio... :(